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Fortigate SSL VPN web page connection interrupted or SSL protocol error

Solution When this happens, most of the time a reboot will clear the errors. However, if a reboot is not an option at the time (as it will bring down the network), try killing the sslvpnd and ssl processes:

#diag sys top

The top command will show the top memory and CPU intensive processes. We can't find how to do a full process listing (regardless of CPU and memory consumption) but if you can catch ssl or sslvpnd in the list displayed by top, note the PID of these process.

#diag sys process <PID>

The process command will do a process dump for the PID you enter. You will want note the PPID (parent PID) of this process in the output. This is so you can kill both the process and its parent.

#diag sys process <PPID>

If the PPID of that process is 1 and the process name is ssl or sslvpn, you have found the processes you need to kill.

#diag sys kill 11 <PPID>
#diag sys kill 11 <PID>

Now try reconnecting to the SSL VPN page.
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