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Windows 7 trust relationship failed

Solution When logging into a Windows 7 workstation that is a member of a domain, you sometimes can get the error, "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed."

Rather than unjoin and rejoin the workstation to the domain, the following steps can be taken to remedy the problem:

- Right-click on Computer
- Click on Properties
- Click on Advanced System Settings
- Click on Computer Name
- Click on Network ID...
- Choose "This is part of a business network..." and click Next
- Choose "My Company uses a network with a domain" and click Next
- Click Next
- Enter your domain admin and password and click Next
- When prompted with, "An Account for this computer ("COMPUTERNAME") has been found on the domain "DOMAIN." Would you like to use this?", click Next.
- Choose "Do not add domain user account" and click Finish
- Restart the computer
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